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 8/26/18 HOT Case Study
Using LFF To Uncover Project Budget of a Home Inspection Company & Pre-Qualify For Further Work ($99 Value)
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Email Case Study  
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FITD Service Overview

- What makes a good FITD service
- What's the goal of a FITD service
- What makes a good FITD service
- Building Client Relationships

Prospecting with your FITD Service

- Imitation Method
- Prospecting with email
- Prospecting with direct mail

Following Up Like a Pro

- How often to follow up
- When to cut your losses
- What to follow up on

 Developing a FITD Service That Gets Results

- Your secret weapon
- Validating your FITD service
- Outsourcing your FITD service
- Sneaking In Other FITD services

How to Price Your FITD Service

- What Do You Charge?
- How to price for competitiveness
- Advanced pricing strategies
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